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hospital space planning
Hospital Space Planning Guide: Where to Start

Come and explore the complexities of planning and optimizing hospital spaces with us. We at Skydec Engineers will take you on a journey through our comprehensive hospital space planning guide.  We will go over every important step and thing to

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ICU Room Setup
Best Ways to Set Up ICU Rooms for Health and Wellbeing

The ICU (Intensive Care Unit) represents the last stage of defence for patients who are critically ill and need specialized care, life-saving interventions, and continuous medical attention. ICU room setup and design are not only for the professionals who work

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Diagnostic centre space planning
Optimizing Space Planning for a Modern Diagnostic Centre

A diagnostic centre is a medical facility where diagnostic tests are performed in terms to diagnose various medical diseases and conditions that people face. These centres are usually equipped with advanced technologies and machines to perform various diagnostic tests, such

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AERB Requirement of Radiology Lab
AERB Requirement for Radiology Lab

In the intricate world of radiology, navigating the requirements set forth by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board is an essential aspect of operating a radiology lab with precision and safety. AERB requirement for radiology lab also administers industrial safety in

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Hotel Reception Interior Design Ideas
Hotel Reception Interior Design Ideas

The hotel reception is the first impression guests have of your establishment, setting the tone for their entire stay. Nowadays, hotel owners are recognizing the power of exceptional hotel reception interior design ideas to create unforgettable experiences. The reception area

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