Cancellation and Refund Policy for Skydec Engineers LLP

At SkyDec Engineers LLP, our main objective is to ensure that every interior project is completed successfully. However, since we depend on various parties like manufacturers, suppliers of raw materials, and accessory providers, there are occasions when we may need to make adjustments to our material choices and prices. 

It’s our responsibility to treat our customers fairly and openly during these instances, providing them with the option to cancel their projects if needed. For all other cases, we would prefer customers to consult the provided table below.

Project Cancellation Time

Project Phase

Cancellation Policy

If the first design discussion or site measurement has taken place, or if 48 hours have passed after the order booking date.

During Design Phase

You’ll get back 100% of the booking fee (INR 25,000 or 5% of the order value, whichever is higher), credited to your account in 25–30 working days.

During Production Phase

No refund after the second payment of 45%.

If the project reaches the stage of being complete and approved by the client

Project Complete Phase

No refund is available, and the remaining 50% of the project’s total cost must be paid to SkyDec Engineers LLP.

Important Notes

Project Booking Amount: Customers must pay 5% of the project’s value or INR 25,000, whichever is greater, when booking a project.

Design Stage: This stage begins before the customer pays the second installment (45% of the order value) and concludes after the customer pays the first installment (5% of the order value or INR 25,000, whichever is higher).

Production Stage: The second installment, which is 45% of the project amount, must be successfully paid by the customer to initiate this stage. Projects proceed to manufacturing at this point.

First Design Discussion: This marks the first offline and online design discussion between SkyDec Engineers’ team and the customer.

Site Measurement: The date when SkyDec Engineers’ team visits the customer’s location for measurement or masking.

Order Value: The total amount the customer will pay SkyDec Engineers for the project, as agreed upon after confirming the quote, including all applicable taxes and discounts.

How to Cancel

To cancel your project, please contact us by phone or email. We will guide you through the process and handle your refund accordingly.

Phone: +91 9818153338, +91 9818163338



Refunds under the cancellation policy will be processed to the customer’s bank account, regardless of the initial payment method.

Our Commitment

We are committed to building a trusting relationship with you through open communication. If you have any questions about our cancellation and refund policy, please feel free to reach out to us.

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